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            We are pleased to annouce that it is now Ch Sunset's Pinewood Acres Chamois.

       "Chamois" finished on 5/21/17 under Judge Mrs Ruth H Zimmerman. Once again, 

      a huge thank you to Juli Lacy-Black for her exceptional care/handling of our dogs!

       We are pleased to announce that it is now  Ch Sunset's Pinewood Acres Windsprite   

                "Sprite" finished on 3/25/17 under Judge Nancy Liebes. A huge thank 

                    you to Juli Lacey-Black for handling Sprite from start to finish!

                                                                                           Established  1990

Welcome to  Pinewood Acres.  We are a small Show/Breeding kennel located in Central Maine.  We have been actively involved with showing dogs for over 27 years.  I started out in Obedience, with Shetland Sheepdogs(Shelties), but then we got hooked on showing in Conformation, which is still our primary interest today. We have Shown/Bred Shelties in all colors, but my first love is for Sables. Due to my medical issues, I need to keep my numbers down so I will only be breeding for sables in the future.

I got my first Chihuahua in 2002 and I was immediately hooked on these little dogs. 

After a slow start, and growing out several,  I obtained "Speedy" from  Sunset Kennel.

He, together with "Paris" would be the foundation for my line.  We have Shown/Bred Long Coat and Smooth Coat Chihuahuas, but my primary love is for Long Coats. Again, due to my medical issues, I need to keep my numbers down, so will be focusing primarily on Long Coats only in the future. We do breed for a variety of colors, including merles.

As soon as my daughter Paige could walk she was following me to handling classes, matches and shows. She started showing in the Breed ring and Juniors in Canada when she was 7. Over the years she has put several points on our dogs, other peoples dogs and finished her own Collies, including Summer, who was in the Top Ten rankings for several weeks. She did very well in Juniors in the United States and Canada, gathering several Best Junior awards and placing in the top 20 Juniors for Collies in 2004. We can't thank Roxann and Dale Heit of Timeless Collies in Kansas enough for entrusting us with their beautiful dogs and for all of their support over the years.  Words can not express how proud I am of Paige and all she has accomplished. Please visit her pages below for some of the pictures from her past.  You will have to use your browsers back button as these pages are from our old site......




My oldest daughter, Mercedes, has always been the one to help me with middle of the night whelpings and now that she is grown up with a home of her own, she helps me out with litters and raising puppies. She has plans of branching out on her own someday and we both hope that her Children/my Grandchildren will become involved in Showing dogs someday too. She is currently growing out a Sheltie puppy from my last litter with the hopes of Showing her and having a foundation for her future.

We strive to breed for healthy puppies with correct structure, movement and sound, sweet, happy temperaments, with the hopes of getting another show prospect to take into the ring someday.  Of course, not all puppies are show puppies so we occasionally have quality puppies available for loving Pet and Performance homes too.  We may sometimes have older puppies that were being grown out for Show or retired Show/Breeding dogs available for placement into loving forever homes as well.